First Tattoo!

Yesterday after a long-anticipated wait, I finally got my first tattoos (I ended up with 2). Just thought I would write a short post about the story behind each tattoo, the pain, how long it took etc. just for those of you perhaps thinking of getting a tattoo. I started off the session with a forearm piece, a dressmakers mannequin surrounded by leaves and finished off with a scroll at the bottom and afterward I moved onto a short quote on my shoulder blade.

So tattoo 1..

I was a bit apprehensive to start this piece as I was told that the pain would be too much and I was worried I wouldn’t get it finished, I had hyped myself up, expecting agony the whole way through the tattoo, and then as weird as it sounds Leah (the artist) started and I felt no pain at all. A few little stings at the most tender areas particularly the very bottom line in the scroll and a couple of the top leaves. All in all I thought the whole thing was quite relaxing so much so I dozed off while she was doing it. This tattoo has a lot of meaning to me as it marks the start of the career I want to pursue in my life after university, the dressmakers dummy represents my love for fashion and my fashion degree. The quote underneath is from a song by The Smiths called ‘Charming Man’ although they are not my favourite band, the quote I feel fits in perfectly with the whole essence of the tattoo and the whole idea of my fashion degree. This piece took just over 3 hours from start to finish and it took plenty of biscuits and irn bru to get us through it, but we got there and I absolutely love the result we came out with!

Tattoo 2…

This tattoo took us up to our 4 hour mark, I was going to get it placed on my collar bone but decided that the shoulder blade would be the best place. This one had a lot of meaning as me and my mum got it done together, I got half of the quote and she got the other half. The pain for this one was pretty much the same, didn’t really feel anything apart from the letter closest to my spine, that stung quite a bit, this one probably took just under an hour as she went over the writing twice to make it a bit thicker.

Definitely going to get more, I think probably a lot more. Already feeling the itch for another one after just one day. I love these two so much though and I can’t thank Leah enough for the amazing job that she did. Hopefully not long till my next!